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About Us

We went through the same frustration and challenges with our own children when they were the same age as your loved ones.   We both had full time jobs and always struggled to find a place… Read more…


We offer guided and structured homeword assistance in a safe and fun afterschool environment where your child can unwind and interact with each other under attentive staff guidance. Read more…


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for being my teacher.  I learned so much from you and I respect you so much personally and professionally. You are one of the best teachers… Read more…

What We Do

YOUR homework corner™ starts here!

There has been a growing demand in many communities for quality and safe afterschool programs. The demand is partially a direct result of fundamental changes that have taken place in the way today’s families work and live. The ratio of single-parent families and of families with two parents working outside the home has grown significantly within the last two decades, and so has the need for a quality afterschool program where children can engage in building their academic and social skills beyond the hours of the traditional school day, and particularly between the hours of 3:00 PM, when the dismissal occurs, and 6:00 PM. when most parents arrive home from work.

Whether you are a parent who is looking for a place where your child can play and interact with other children, and/or someone who is just looking for an extra help to guide your child through completing his or her homework, The Homework Corner has the tools and the resources to help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun afterschool environment for children to complete their daily school assignments and homework, and to build their social skills through games, activities and healthy interaction with each other under the guidance and the supervision of attentive and caring staff.